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Saturday, 12 March 2011

ChromeMarks updated 2011.03.12 - Integrated bookmarks

An update to ChromeMarks has just been published. Most changes are in the full app:

  1. Experimental integration with the Stock Android Browser. The app can now export *all* Chrome bookmarks and folders into your local browser. Choose to include dummy folders, or omit the folders and prefix each bookmark's name with parts of the folders it is under. This is one way in this releaes - any changes made to the integrated bookmarks in the stock browser will be overwritten and replaced with the next sync. It's also only alphabetical at the moment..
  2. Noticed from the analytics that a few people are experiencing database errors that are clearly Android corruption. This is not something the app can create or fix. So I've added some popups to let the user know that the app is unlikely to function properly until the database is fixed. The only fix appears to be an uninstall and reinstall. I don't know if a "reset to default" will fix it.
  3. Noticed also that every now and then the inserts of local bookmarks fails due to an invalid bookmark. Again, a popup has been added to ask the user to mail me with details so I can try to help fix it.
  4. The usual bug fixes.
A screenshot showing my stock android browser bookmarks. You can see dummy folders and the bookmarks beneath them indented according to their hierarchy.

If you try this new feature, please do mail me to let me know if it works for you - or not!