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Saturday, 7 May 2011

ChromeMarks - Vote for a new logo!

Hi all. I've opened up a public vote for a new app logo. Since so many of you [ :-P ] like to leave comments on the market about the logo, now's your one and only chance to help pick the new one!

Simply goto and click on "vote" in the menu. There are four logos to pick as very kindly provided by two fantastically eager designers. Personally, I'm happy with *any* of them - but you've seen my last attempt, so this time, I didn't want to be the one making the choice.

Please register your approvals using the online vote. Votes are open for two weeks until 20th May and will be used from the next release of the app.

Feel free to leave some comments on the poll, but I don't think I can respond to them, so if you do have questions, it would be simpler to mail me direct

NOTE also that the Chrome logo is still copyright Google, so I can't make the new logo any more "like" the chrome logo - it deliberately has to be different, so please don't ask for it to be more Chrome-y as my hands are tied.

Thanks again!