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Thursday, 20 December 2012

CMarks - Updated 2012.12.20

Hi all,

An emergency bugfix to CMarks today. Only one change.

Starting late on the 17th December, Google enable some new validation on the chromesync servers. This meant that a small proportion of users started getting an "Error 500" message when they sync. It took two days before it started to affect one of my test accounts and I could finally reproduce the error. I started playing and found the field that I thought was affected.

I'd already raised a chrome bug so I commented on it about that field - I wasn't expecting anyone at Google would actually respond. I was happily surprised when a kind person from the sync team updated the bug report and confirmed it was indeed that field and suggested how to fix it.

The tricky part was producing a fixed app. Shortly after the last release I had upgraded my Android development software to the latest version and this required hundreds of small changes to the app before it would compile again (grrr!) Annoyingly, you can't really downgrade the Android dev software, so it was very hacky to force out a new release - I almost resorted to using some of those tools the script kiddies use for hacking apps.

Any-whoo, thanks to some kind users (particularly Robert) for testing the fix and it's now deployed. Hope it works well!

As for the app, I'm currently working on the next release - some major new functionality for the Full app.

Did someone mention synced tabs..?