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Monday, 30 August 2010

ChromeMarks - update 2010.08.30

Just published an update to ChromeMarks.

I discovered a nasty bug during the update process where a change to certain folders wasn't being applied to the database properly and then the folder was in limbo and no longer visible or updateable. This was annoying as I thought I checked for it before. This new release fixes this, but does require any users to refresh all their bookmarks from scratch - sorry.

Other highlights:

  1. A Progress window on startup. Previously, if you had a lot of bookmarks, it could take a few seconds to open while it leaves you staring at a black screen.
  2. An initial page with instructions if you have no bookmarks in the database.
  3. Some reporting for various errors during the sync process. I'll add more in the next release.
  4. Larger favicons for each bookmark. Also a larger folder icon.
  5. Long press on bookmarks and folders for more info.
  6. Some updates to the main Sync Progress dialog - the numbers and progress bar weren't working properly. It's much better now, but a bit laggy especially when reading a successive batch. Will try and fix it next release.

PS. Next I'm off to look at the google auth processes to see if I can use the credentials already on the phone or (*shock*) find a way to use the phone's connection to gtalk instead of making my own.


  1. Hi just bought the app, my comments:

    1. Font too small, configurable would be nice
    2. It would be nice to at least be able to set where it opens to avoid the "Bookmark Bar", but better to remember where it was opened last and return there
    3. ".." should sort first
    4. Some color wouldn't hurt, it would help folders stand out more for starters.
    5. Its too easy to close it when pressing back button exits, could it actually do same as ".."?

  2. Hi Dennis. Thanks for the comments!

    There will be a new release this weekend specifically to use your device's google account and remove the need to store an id/password separately.

    I should be able to try and squeeze some of the things you've mentioned as well.

    Check out the update and let me know if it helps you. Do feel free to come back with any further comments!

  3. Thanks for that, I was thing a search facility would be nice also :-)

  4. Font size should be fixed with the new release. Also tried to fix the ".." coming first. Also an option to override the back button. Other comments have been noted and will be looked into for the next release. Please let me know if they work for you!