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Saturday, 16 April 2011

ChromeMarks updated - 2011.04.16

An update to ChromeMarks today. Was due to release this two weeks ago, but the Developer console was a bit sick and I haven't had a chance until now to try again.

Here are the changes:

  1. User request. Added the ability to choose what folder the "home" icon opens. At the moment this is via the Settings, but I may make it an long click option when you click on a folder.
  2. User request. Added the ability to choose from a list of installed browsers to open a bookmark with. Long press on a bookmark and select "Open in...". If you've only got one browser, then it will work just like a normal press of "Open".
  3. FULL VERSION: Fixed an issue where Google would deny a "sync local bookmarks" if one of the local bookmarks has an empty name. Thanks to Andrew for the debug logs.
  4. FULL VERSION: If you set the "force folder length" to an empty value (rather than a number) this caused an failure. 
  5. Some improvements to the functionality for Honeycomb users (e.g. Xoom). You should now be able to use the menu properly. I've had to disable Theme support, though, as it doesn't work well. Sorry I missed it - I did try the app a while ago in the emulator but since it doesn't have the lvl installed (grrr, google, grrr) then I couldn't actually test the app properly.
  6. For the American users out there, I've changed the spelling on initialise to the non-official spelling initialize. Always thinking of my users.. :-)
  7. Some icon tweaks. If anyone would like to design a new icon, do please contact me!
There's a bit of a back log of auto-errors that I'm working through, so a belated bugfix release soon.

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