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Sunday, 5 June 2011

ChromeMarks Update 2011.06.05

A long overdue update to ChromeMarks. As usual, the list of the all important stuff:

  1. New app icon and artwork. Thanks to Dries Oeyen ( for his work and for everyone who voted. Thanks also to the runner up Ă‰milien.
  2. Significant changes to the core of the sync engine. I've written some of it in native code (which is C). This may not bring much performance improvements, but it does allow me the potential to easy merge large chunks of the real Chrome source code into the program and benefit from reliable code and not having to rewrite it into another language. But I'm new to this and I can't guarantee there isn't a memory leak here or there or any incompatibility. I'm nervous as it's compiled for a specific architecture which allegedly should work on all current android devices - but until it's out there, I won't know for sure!
  3. A fix for users that had overriden the home folder and experienced a crash when they opened the app. This was usually due to that overriden folder being deleted later or updated later and the app not handling that well.
  4. Italian translation. Thanks to Sergio Alisi for all his work.
  5. More captures of corrupted databases. Android really does have a lot of soft spots..!
Sorry it took so long this one, but I had to learn C from scratch and it took a while to get something stable enough to prove this was a valid direction.

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