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Saturday, 2 July 2011

ChromeMarks updated 2011.07.02

Another update. As normal, the details in more detail (!)

  1. Experimental fix for Samsung owners who experience disappearing local bookmarks created by ChromeMarks. The root cause is due to Samsung making naughty changes to the Stock Browser and neglecting to make those changes work with the hundreds of bookmark apps on the Market. Lots of thanks to Emiel who sent me enough files to guess the changes made by Samsung. There may still be some more changes needed here to polish it a bit, but the bookmarks are now visible, at the least. NOTE this has only been tested on the GT-I9000 - other Samsungs may work, or not! Let me know! When you first upgrade, the app will attempt to fix any bookmarks you may already have there and then. Otherwise, the normal sync should do the work anyway.
  2. Added Portuguese translation. Though I'm a bit worried as to wether it's Brazillian Portuguese or normal Portuguese! Time will tell... :-)
  3. Fixed the Folder browser on Honeycomb devices. This is used in the settings when choosing the Home folder, or when editing a bookmark/folder and choosing the folder it is saved into. It was definitely a Honeycomb bug as it worked fine in all other versions. But it was hard to track down! But for some reason, I made a sprinkling of tweaks that made it suddenly work - I saved the changes immediately and cross the fingers it doesn't stop again!
  4. The usual bug fixes along the way.
No pictures this time as nothing UI has changed. There are a sprinkling of UI improvements I want to make soon, Gingerbread needs a bit of TLC now.


  1. Using GT-I9000. Can sync bookmarks from Chrome into the stock android browser, but no folders are imported.

  2. Hi Luis. Did you click on "force folders"? It's not enabled by default. I've had reports from other users on samsungs that folders are appearing now in their stock browser (though they may be placed at the bottom of a folder instead of the top - grrr). If you change the options, remember to perform a sync as integration only happens at the end of a sync. Let me know?