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Sunday, 28 August 2011

ChromeMarks - 2011.08.28 release

Another new upgrade today.

Mostly upgrading the internals, but a few new bits.

  1. For the Lite app, I've added an "Upgrade Options" screen to the settings. This will show you what features of the full app are available to you should you choose to upgrade. So for example, can the app specifically integrate to your browser? Screenshot below.
  2. Upgraded the crash reporter (ACRA) from v3.2 to v4.1. Not much difference to the user, but the info reported is a bit more helpful to me. Juicy bits that I really do need include the user's language, the rotation of their device at the time of error and the size of the user's screen. These help me to better work out what resources in the app might have caused a problem. It's also got functionality to save your email address keyed in such that if another error happens, you won't need to key it in again.
  3. For the Lite app. Upgraded the admob ads. Allegedly they should cause less crashes - but talk on the forum is they fixed some stuff but broke some others.. :-) Also taken the opportunity to add in some ads for users that can't receive the ads previously - such as AdFree users. Previously, admob just hid itself away when it couldn't receive an ad. Now, you'll just get my ads instead. Sorry if you got used to no ads but, hey, you are using a free app supported by ad revenue, so please resist the 1 star comments..
  4. Added Turkish translation. Thanks to Saner Apaydin for all his work! Another user who did it in record time - I have to keep asking these translators if they remembered to get some fresh air!
  5. The usual handful of small bug fixes.
A picture of the new Upgrade Options screen in the Lite app:

Hope you enjoy the release - still more stuff yet to come..!

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