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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cmarks Update - 2012.09.09

A quick CMarks update. This is for the Full app only.

  1. CMarks can now integrate your Chrome bookmarks into Dolphin using the same ordering you've specified in CMarks. Some caveats - though:
    • Dolphin always shows Folders alphabetically and at the top of a list. I can't change the ordering or placement of Folders.
    • Dolphin always removes any bookmark being inserted that has the same url as any existing bookmark. So if Dolphin already has as a bookmark and your Chrome bookmarks also have it, then you won't see it in the bookmarks integrated as Dolphin will simply remove it.
  2. Performance improvements integrating bookmarks to Dolphin. Since Dolphin doesn't accept icons during the integration, I've disabled the code from retrieving them from the database which does make a difference.
  3. Fixed a crash from some devices when clicking on the "About" link the Dolphin CMarks Add-On screen.
  4. Some improvements to the "Sync" widget. Widgets require a lot more effort to make them look pretty and I never had the opportunity to make the widget look really good before. So some changes this release to make it better. Annoyingly the stock homescreen widgets have differing layouts on GB, HC, ICS and JB. So I've had to specify a widget layout for each release of Android otherwise it all goes south. At the very least, it no longer has that boring phat white background.
That's it for now - enjoy!

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