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Sunday, 7 November 2010

ChromeMarks - update 2010.11.07 - create folder shortcuts

An update for ChromeMarks tonight.

The major change is the ability to create a shortcut to a folder. Clicking on the shortcut simply launches ChromeMarks in that folder. Each shortcut will need an icon, so ChromeMarks gives you four default icons to choose from and then we append the icons of all the browsers you have installed on your phone:

NOTE: Please don't ask for the Google Chrome logo - it's copyrighted by Google and not for use in a commercial app. To be honest, I don't even think the ChromeMarks icon itself is entirely legal due to the usage of a very small Chrome logo..

A sprinkling of minor fixes. Several of you have been kind enough to click the "send" button when you get the new Crash Report Dialog. That's allowed me to fix a few bugs - but most bugs seems to be coming when the app wants to issue a popup but the user has already closed the app/launched something else/gone to the home screen.

A reminder to goto the community website (link top left corner of the blog) to vote for or request new features.


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