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Sunday, 28 November 2010

ChromeMarks Lite released

A new app on the market today.

A free version of ChromeMarks that provides the core functionality, but the best extras are still reserved for the paid version. The following features are in the paid version but NOT in the new free version:

  1. Create, edit, delete bookmarks.
  2. Automatic syncing (e.g. like Mail and Calendar).
  3. Bookmark Icon update.
  4. Desktop Shortcuts.
The "Lite" version also includes ads and a link to "Feed the developer" via PayPal.

I'll still continue to develop the Full version first and foremost (the next feature will be syncing of the local bookmarks into a Chrome folder) so don't think you are being neglected!

Hopefully this free flavour should get some action on the market (the first person who downloaded it upgraded straight away and kindly left a 5 star comment to say so) and further promote the app.

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