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Monday, 7 February 2011

Chromemarks - updated 06.02.2011

Another update. This time to add in the feature most voted for on the community website (see, it works!):

You now have a choice of four sort options (though the Chrome sort order is only for the paid app).

This did require some changes to the database and most of the data I'd never been capturing anyway. So you need to re-download all your bookmarks anyway.. :-)

Some other bug fixes as well. I'm sure I've found a bug somewhere in the android installer process - *a few* users have been reporting the icons has gone missing for the app and the acra error reports are showing missing resources in the apps for a handful of users. I don't know what is making part of the install go missing for only a few people, but I've got a hunch it's to do with reserving id's for drawables and strings in the library project. The documentation doesn't say you can't, but it doesn't say you can either and I think this might be the issue. We'll see if this cuts down on the reported problems.

A sprinkling of other bugs as normal.

Barring any further issues or a sudden increase in votes on the website for other features, I'm back to looking at integrating bookmarks into the browser. Yikes!

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