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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More options!

Another update to ChromeMarks today.

Previously, when you long clicked on a bookmark or folder, you got this kind of popup:
...which was fine and reasonable. But it was based on an AlertDialog and as such had a maximum of three buttons (i know you can add more in the content area above, but that would look horrible) and those buttons were limited to a handful of letters each.

It didn't give much room for more options.

Today a new release with an improved context menu. It looks more Android now and has space enough to keep going, so more options can be added whenever:
The URL at the top is still scrollable so you can see all of it. The optons go downwards, so you can scroll to see more.

To start with, I've added several new options in this menu:

  1. Open in New window. This depends on the browser you use, but should open the selected bookmark in a new tab and not overwrite any currently open tabs. If your browser doesn't use tabs or doesn't understand the message, then it will simply open as normal.
  2. Share Link. This allows you to send the bookmark name and url to any other app that can respond to a share. So that means you can send a bookmark to someone else via email or facebook or twitter.
  3. Copy Link URL. Copies the url to clipboard so if you want to copy it to another app that doesn't do sharing, you can still get it easily.
As I come up with new options, this seems a good place to put them. Note that the context menu now looks very similar to the context menu in the stock browser.

The Folders also have a new context menu, but with less options on it, but still room to add more over time.

The other big change was the first translation of the app to another language. This translation was into French by Guillaume who kindly did it for free! I offered refunds but he wasn't listening! Merci Beaucoup!

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