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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chromemarks Updated - 2012.02.22

A small update to the Full app only:

  1. Since a user may use the local bookmarks function and then disable it at a later date, after each sync the app would do a mini tidy-up. If local bookmarks were disabled, it would ensure there were no klingons and remove them just in case. But this was causing some errors for users who had uninstalled the stock browser, or frozen it. Fixed this with a bit of protection to see if the browser was actually there before trying to tidy-up or integrate. Sorry.
  2. A fix to the local bookmarks settings screen. Noticed a few automated errors. Looks like some people had multiple local browsers on their device and certain scenarios made the app think the selected one was number "-1" in the list. This obviously crashed each and every time. Fixed.
  3. A bug reported from a user with decrypting bookmarks - if you have over 2000 bookmarks then the initial decrypt may hit the android 1mb data limit and fail. Annoying the app wasn't even reporting an error back to the user. I've added an error message for now and will fix the underlying issue shortly.
And a whinge back to that annoying person who raised a 1 star comment on the Market about the Search Engines:
I will NEVER insert my own agenda of bookmarks or data into the app on YOUR device. 100% of the bookmarks, folders and search engines you see come from YOUR Chrome browser. If there is something in there that you don't like the look of, well - I'll be blatantly honest - YOU either bookmarked or visited the website.

Enough said.

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