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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chromemarks Updated - 2012.02.26

Time for another quick update. As usual, the highlights in more detail:
  1. Fixed a bug where the app would state "the folder is not found" if you were creating or moving a bookmark in an empty folder. Was due to a mild logic bug and has been that way for about three months. With the help of some log files from Jordan and Denis, I've found and fixed the bug.
  2. Fixed a bug whereby a large number of encrypted bookmarks could not be decrypted. This was another "1mb Android limit" bug. So it only happened with a large amount of data - in the reporting case it was on the 2248th bookmark which was one too far. Have corrected this to process the data in several smaller chunks instead of one big chunk. Also made the app save any decrypted bookmarks as it goes through them so even if it fails again, at least something should be decrypted and saved. Thanks to Bjorn for the log files and for testing a beta release.
  3. Some routine maintenance - have updated the chrome protocols to the same as the currently stable Chrome - we're now at version 30.
  4. As spotted by another user - when creating a new bookmark, the name field was being pre-filled with a "New Bookmark" value. This would need to be deleted before you could insert/type the new name, which was a bit annoying. It's always been like that since the create bookmark screen arrived! Have removed the default text and now the box just shows a hint.
  5. Found the reason why some users with Honeycomb devices were seeing no integrated bookmarks. Turns out if you enable the native bookmark sync in Honeycomb, it adds some flags to the Browser database. It then uses those flags afterwards to determine what data to show. Unfortunately that filter means it will only ever show data synced by the native method - and not my app. Android won't let my app clear this data, so I've added in a message and popup suggesting the user clicks on the "clear data" option in the Browser application settings. Thanks to Kenneth for helping.
And an honourable mention - Google have again made some changes and this time they are affecting Chrome users directly. See for more details. They changed something on their server which affects the data being stored on Google's servers and it's returning empty folders, renamed bookmarks and/or duplicate bookmarks. Google are working on a fix from the server side which will probably restore data from a previous backup. Don't know how they will identify all the affected users, or what they will do if you've created bookmarks since...


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