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Saturday, 11 December 2010

ChromeMarks updated 2010.12.10 - Two way Android browser bookmark sync

A new release for ChromeMarks.

You can now sync your device's bookmarks to a new folder in Chrome and then maintain them on both the device and your desktop. Each time you sync, the bookmarks will be synced both ways. At the moment, the *only* browser I can find on Android that will allow another app to amend their bookmarks in the Stock Android Browser. If I can find more, then I'll see about integrating them as well. I've mailed the Dolphin devs to ask about their app, but had no response yet.

** HOWEVER ** I had to push another release to temporarily remove this functionality. One of the users noticed that Chrome would crash if they deleted this new folder. This is annoying as it seems to depend on your release of Chrome - older releases seem to work fine, newer ones are being more tetchy. This indicates that the Chrome devs have broken something that was working fine before. I'm currently building Chromium so I can debug it and work out what's broken. Once I know, I'll either raise a Chrome bug or find some other way around it.

** UPDATED ** I have indeed tracked this down to a bug in Chrome. I've raised a bug report for it (number 66609) but don't expected it to be fixed anytime soon. Even if it was fixed, I'd have to wait for it to get to the stable channel and then wait a bit more to ensure as many people as possible have the fix. So I'm working on another solution that is a bit less elegant behind the scenes, but should work just as well for the user.


  1. I installed this on my Android (EVO) this morning and everything is working fine from that end but I just now tried Chrome from my desktop and I've got the "crashing Chrome" problem. I can't start it without crashing and having to exit. Is there any way to recover?

  2. I reinstalled Chrome and it's all good.

  3. Sorry for having a conversation with myself here...but when I re-enabled sync in the new Chrome install, I started having the crashing problem again. So I'm pretty much stuck without Chrome bookmark sync of any kind now.

  4. Hi Gambit. This should only be happening *if& you enabled the sync local bookmarks feature *and* deleted the new folder. But if you installed this from the Market today then this feature is disabled in the current release and you can't activate it. Can you confirm if you somehow enabled the "sync local bookmarks" option?

  5. Hi Gambit - can you send me a mail to and I'll be happy to help you look into this further. As mentioned above, this issue caused Chrome to crash only for a specific release on the 10th December. And that was only on th market for about three hours before it was replaced, so if you only installed this yesterday then you couldn't be being affected by this specific issue.

    NOTE: updated the main post above with a smidge more details.