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Sunday, 2 January 2011

ChromMarks - updated 2nd Jan 2011

A new update for ChromeMarks.

The major change is the (hopefully) working Android Bookmarks sync.

ChromeMarks will now be able to copy your Android Browser bookmarks to a new folder visible in Chrome and keep them synced there. You can edit them on your PC and when you next sync in ChromeMarks, the changes will be reflected in your Android browser.

This is the first release for this feature, and probably the one that makes most people use the "edit/create" functionality built into ChromeMarks - so I don't doubt that a few new errors may be spotted over the coming weeks as more and more people start using more of the functionality.

As such, I'd suggest that if you really rely on your bookmarks (Android browser and/or Chrome) then I'd hang off trying this out until most of the bugs are ironed out. The worst that could possibly happen is it just deletes a bookmark you didn't want it to, so it's not like it will set your phone on fire... -)

That said, it'll never get the bugs fixed unless some people give it a whirl!

Other changes this release include a ton of bugfixes. Thanks again for all the bug reports, they really do help me get exactly to the root of the bugs.

The main bugs so far have been due to the annoying way that android handles orientation changes. When you turn your screen around, android destroys the activity and starts it again. Sounds reasonable, but if the activity is busy doing something (e.g. opening a folder, syncing) then that existing work starts to crash as it is no longer attached to a working window. Grrr. Hopefully I've fixed most of these now - though admittedly I can't get the Settings screen to work well yet..

Additionally, I've made substantial changes in readiness of Theme support. Although you can't tell, the app is already running a new Theme. The next release should bring some more options, including a "Light" theme that looks a bit more fresher.


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