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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Theme support released

A new release of ChromeMarks today. The Theme support is now available for both the Free and Lite apps in the Market.

The app comes with three Themes built in at the moment, with room for more over time and as people request them.

  1. Default. The one you all know and love (!) This uses whatever colour background and text you Android has by default. For most of us, that's a black background.
  2. Light. A fresher look. This has a white background with black text and green urls. The header bar across the top is better styled and more professional looking and the buttons merge into the folder name. There is also a default icon for bookmarks that have no icon.
  3. Light swapped. The same as the Light theme, but with the up and home buttons swapped over. This might be better for righties who probably want to press up more than home.
The usual screenshots are on the previous post and haven't changed since that beta.

Also included was a significant revamp of the Settings screens. Previously, it was one big list with stuff in any order and not quite related to the setting above or below it. I've now got a much better Settings screen where you choose the category instead. This screen has icons to help identify the categories and also a brief description of what the category does. Hopefully this further improves the feel of the app.

The usual bugfixes as well. As is traditional, the first release had a bug and was fixed half an hour later with the b release. Seems to be happening a lot recently.. :-) Thanks to Ted for quickly mailing me and letting me know of the bug.

Another release in a day or so - this should add a popup to appear if you have no bookmarks to say "Are you sure you've enabled sync in Chrome?" as I'm not happy with the comments on the Market from people who slag the app off when it's their problem. :-) Plus a couple of bugs fixed that users have spotted with the local sync.

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