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Saturday, 23 October 2010

ChromeMarks - update 2010.10.23 - now with added edit!

A major upgrade for ChromeMarks today.

You can now create new bookmarks, edit and delete existing ones. You can also edit and delete folders (Create folders may come in a later release).

Some juicier details:
  1. From your favourite browser, try and "share" a url.
  2. You'll get a list of applications that can accept this share, and ChromeMarks should now be in that list.
  3. Simply select ChromeMarks and you'll get a dialog where you can amend the name, url, icon and location to save it. NOTE: Stock browser doesn't send a name and rarely sends an icon by default.
  4. Click "create".
  5. ChromeMarks will sync your change and update it's database immediately.
  6. In your Google Chrome browser, the update is available immediately. Note that Google Chrome checks for updates at set intervals, so you may have to leave it for a few minutes or restart the browser to force a check.
Alternatively, in ChromeMarks you can open the menu in any folder (except the very top-most) and you'll have an option to create a new bookmark from there.

Similarly, long click on any existing bookmark or folder and you can edit their details. This includes fetching the icon, if you wish. Any changes are committed immediately.

You can also delete any bookmark or folder by long clicking on it, choosing "edit" and then clicking on "delete". Any changes are committed immediately. There are some folders you can't delete, such as the Bookmark Bar.

Some screenshots:

Editing an existing bookmarkShare a bookmark from the browser. Either long click on a web link or long click on the url in the address barChromeMarks receiving a request to create a new bookmark from a "share"d link.

There are a sprinkling of bug fixes along the way. Again, the database needs to be dropped and recreated. Hopefully we've got most of the bugs sorted so I'm not expecting another need to drop and recreate the database.

I've been playing for a while, but if you do find any bugs, please don't hesitate to contact me: chromemarks at and I'll happily help.

To celebrate this major upgrade, ChromeMarks will be 1/3rd free for the next 48 hours.



  1. Just upgraded to the latest version and it requires a resync, but gets stuck on the second or third batch every time - something about a socket exception while fetching batch. HTC Desire, Android 2.2.

  2. Hi Matt - thanks for you comment. I'd like to try and fix this - can you send me a mail to so I can reply with some details..?

  3. Matt just sent me a mail "Ah, perhaps I should have tried a few more times before emailing... just tried syncing again and it worked OK this time :-)"

    I did make some changes to stop using my own noddy http calls and use the AndroidHttpClient instead. Looks like it is a bit more tetchy (the timeouts are about the same, but the android one dislikes stale connections). I'll stick up a new version tomorrow morning once I've had a quick test myself.

  4. This is awesome, thanks for a great app for my HTC Desire. Did have to do the sync twice, got the error about the socket exception first time, cleared the Market cache and re synced and all is well.

  5. Hi Nina. Thanks for the kind comments. There will be a release in the next day or so and I'll tweak the socket timeout and increase it a bit. It's already at 15 seconds and usually if your phone hasn't had a response after 15 seconds, it's unlikely to get anything further. But I'll upp it a smidge anyway!