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Friday, 29 October 2010

ChromeMarks - update 2010.10.29

An update to ChromeMarks.

  1. If you refreshed an icon (or created a new bookmark with an icon) and the icon had less than 4 colours on it, This caused a crash in chrome when it next sync'd. It appears that Chrome has a sensitive spot with low color depth icons. Internally, I suspect it keeps them at >256 color depth so can't handle the lower depth icons. I've fixed this by grabbing the icon from another provider if the first is not suitable.
  2. A user has sent me logs with regular SocketTimeout exceptions on it. I've never been able to experience any myself and no other users have mentioned it, but I've changed the http classes a bit anyway. I've increased the timeout, changed the buffer size and if you get another of these, the app will retry the request once more just to be sure.
  3. I've included a Crash Reporting Dialog courtesy of the ACRA project. If the app now experiences an unexpected error, you'll get a notification of the error. Clicking on it will pop up a dialog and ask if you would like to send to a report. You get an opportunity to add some text and your email address if you like. If you press cancel, any data collected is discarded. This should help me fix anything unexpected. Please do enter your email address as without the context, it may be hard to fix.
  4. Noticed a bug whereby a user could try to launch one of their shortcuts that isn't a valid web address or requires software not on their phone. This is now reported with a nice dialog should you try and click on one of these.
Some screenshots of the Crash Reporting Dialog:

I was half way through the fancy new folder browser, but I've commented that out so I can fix these bugs.

More later!

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